SS 9  PROJECT    The Canadian Fur Trade – Building a Prosperous Enterprise in a New Frontier

Purpose:  To conduct research, gather important and interesting historical facts, and provide details about the Canadian Fur Trade and its Impact on our Land and People.

Focus Question:  How Should We Remember the Fur Trade in Canada?

Desired Outcome:  To create a detailed account of the activities of the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Company in establishing a Fur Trading Business and present these findings in a factual, well - organized and detailed format.

Presentation Options:  Power-point; Poster Display; Mini Book; Video montage.

** You will work individually to complete the project within the scheduled time allowed.

** Remember to use your Library research periods effectively and divide the work load evenly among partners.

Key Content Topics:  **The topics below are required content for your project presentation**

  1. 1.Early Settlement in Canada - Location, Winter Survival, Food Sources, Building a Trading Post.
  2. 2.Exploration and the Search for Quality Furs - Challenges faced, Travel Methods, Trapping Methods etc.
  3. 3.How were the Fur Trading Companies formed? - Who were the key players and where did the profits go?
  4. 4.Coureurs de Bois – Young French men building a trade network with First Nations around the Great Lakes.
  5. 5.Relationships with Aboriginal People - How did they get along? Trading alliances and practices.
  6. 6.Expansion Westward – How was expansion critical to the survival of the fur trading companies?
  7. 7.Mapping the Fur Trade Routes – Create a map outlining the two companies trading routes. (HBC & NWC)
  8. 8.Life as a Voyageur – Why were they so valuable to the Fur Trade and what were their contributions?
  9. 9.The Role of Aboriginal Men and Women in the Fur Trade – Why were they so important and valuable?
  10. 10.The Lasting Impact of the Fur Trade – What were the short and long term changes? (People & Resources)

Project Evaluation:  **A rubric with criteria will be provided for both Student and Teacher evaluations**

Student Self-Assessment                 /50

Teacher Assessment                    /50

TOTAL                                           /100

DUE DATE:   Presentations scheduled the week before Spring Break               March 7th – 10th, 2017