Welcome to The Yale Library Assignment Pages!

The following list of assignments on the right hand side of this web page includes most (over 355) research assignments that have been done at the Yale Library by teachers and students over the past few years. 

The assignment pages usually consist of a series of links that are put together by the teacher-librarian to help promote students to access appropriate material for their assignments.  Many assignment pages also contain references to dewey decimal numbers where print information can be found inside the Yale Library on each particular research topic. 

Some assignments contain PDF handouts that describe the research assignment and the method of evaluation.  These PDF's are posted so that students can download the assignment from home (if they are absent or have lost the handout). The assignment links and PDF"s also serve as a guide for teachers who are exploring opportunities to include research based assignments in their own classes.

Please feel free to browse the "assignment pages" or use the site "search" feature to search the assignments for topics of interest.

Please don't hesistate to contact me if you have any questions.

T. Dekleva