The Yale Learning Commons is a dynamic an innovative place located on the west side of Yale Secondary School. The atmosphere in our commons is always positive and productive. Our commons is a place where technology and print resources come together to create effective learning experiences for our students. We have a currently weeded, and impressive collection of print resources (19,000+) in both non-fiction and fiction categories. Our library also has current reading materials in the form of educational magazines, and 5 local and national newspapers. Our fiction (leisure reading material) is particularly current and provides many exciting titles for students to choose from.

To complement these print resources the Yale Library also has 38 fully networked computers capable of allowing an entire class to access the Internet at the same time. We also have a portable cart that houses 28 computers and may be signed out by staff for use in their rooms, or in our commons seating area. Our computers are reserved 90% of the time by teachers of all subject areas for projects and research related activities. As well as accessing online information, all our students can save their work to an individual password protected account. Students can also word-process essays and projects, as well as print necessary research materials in the morning, in colour ink, at lunch, afterschool, and during spare classes. We feel that our learning commons website is an integral part of our automated system and a portal through which all our students can begin their Internet explorations. Please feel free to explore our webpage and to take a look at some of the assignments our teachers have created under the "Assignments" tab.

Please feel free to come by or drop me an e-mail if you have any other questions. Please note: The Learning Commons is a relatively new idea in our school district. As such, we are currently going through a lot of changes to the physical space as we move to update and create a modern learning commons that is inclusive and representative of all our learners. As our transformation continues many changes will become evident. Please feel free to offer your feedback. This online format will likely change as well.


Tony Dekleva

Yale Secondary School Library

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:45am-3:30pm

Ph#: (604)853-0778 Ext. 6027 or 2113

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